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"Punk rock is not a crime." - Deryck Whibley

December 24th, Merry Christmas Eve! This site has kind of been lost for the past 6 months but it is now found again. With a new year and a new album coming out for Sum 41, I thought it was best this site get going again. So hold on tight updates are coming your way.
hey everyone. it's been a while since i've posted a blog. but i wanted to give you guys an update on what's been going on. we've been in the studio recording this week. we've recorded 7 new songs that we hope to put on an EP album that will come out early next year. stevo finished all the drums and now cone is laying down his bass. also our greatest hits CD came out in japan last week and debuted at #2! so thank you to all of our fans over there. i will have more updates for you again.

thanks a lot for being fans!

July 24th, Summertime! Sorry for no updates. I am really going to try and make more, frequently. I was very busy in school and with work and vacationing.
But like, the lack of updates, not much has been going on in Sum 41 land.
March 10th, "With Me" is on Canada's Hot 100 at number 88. Also, start voting for Sum 41 wherever you can. Let's get these guys going again. The Canadian tour starts soon in New Brunswick, tickets may still be available for some venues.
I've added new videos for you guys to download as well as new live pictures from WireImage.

New Picture Additions 

Current Projects
Sum 41 - New Album
Role: Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter
Status: In Progress
Released: 2009
Sum 41 - "With Me" Video
Role: Guitar/Vocals
Status: Finished
Released: February 2008
Sum 41 - Underclass Hero Tour
Role: Guitar/Vocals
Status: Progress
Released: 2007-2008
Sum 41 - Road To Ruin
Role: Self
Status: Progress
Episode: 7
Released: 2007
Sum 41 - Walking Disaster Video
Role: Guitar/Vocals
Status: Finished
Released: August 2007
Sum 41 - Underclass Hero CD
Role: Singer/Guitar/Songwriter/Producer
Status: Finished
Released: July 24th 2007
Sum 41 - Underclass Hero Video
Role: Vocals/Guitar
Status: Finished
Released: 2007

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